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My Comprehensive Approach to YOUR Health, Longevity and Physical Performance

I'm a Registered Massage Therapist & Personal Training Specialist with a passion for helping people achieve a healthy, pain free and balanced lifestyle that's sustainable over the long term.

Over the last 20 years, I've successfully helped hundreds of clients rehabilitate and prevent future injuries thanks to my multifaceted and balanced approach to wellness.  This passion for wellness and helping others has always driven me to set an authentic living example for those around me. 

With this passion, experience and knowledge, it is my goal to teach YOU how to balance your workouts, nutrition and rest habits needed to achieve your personal goals.

Whether you're looking to win your next race or simply have more energy for your kids...I can help you find your balance.


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Each person's journey towards balance is unique and requires a customized approach.  For this reason, I offer a complimentary 15- minute consult to understand your unique needs and create a tailored program.

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What People are Saying


I have been working with Murray for 7 years now as he is simply the best massage therapist I have ever had. His knowledge of the human body, his technique, his ability to identify problem areas & fix the problem...all of these skills are second to none. He has kept my body I continue to pretend to be an athlete in weekend touch football and golf. He is also a terrific personal trainer...which works wonderfully hand-in-hand with his treatments. Finally, Murray is just a terrific guy, which matters when you are spending time with someone on the table or in the gym. He is the best, & a main reason I feel better now than I did when I started with him.
— James Duthie, Sportscaster for TSN
Murray is truly a great find in the field of massage therapy! His clinical knowledge of the body, conditions, ailments & the proper healing path are impressive. What’s even more impressive is his skills on how to physically apply that knowledge in a professional yet caring manner. Communication is excellent you always feel safe, calm & even educated. I’m an active individual & Murray has successfully treated many conditions including the recovery of a dislocated wrist fracture, ITB syndrome, golfer’s elbow & more. I can’t say enough when it comes to Murray’s genuine character & his genuine desire for you to get better.
— Michael Chang, Firefighter
I had dealt with chronic lower back pain for over 15 years & tried every type of treatment prior to being referred to Murray a few years ago. Through a combination of targeted deep tissue massage and personal training, I have never felt better in my life. I did not think that was possible. Murray takes the time to educate you on your specific needs & how that pairs with his personalized treatment approach. He coupled treatments of my symptoms with personal training which allowed me to take control of the cause of my problems. Murray designed a customized strengthening, conditioning & stretching program for me that has literally transformed chronic pain is gone! The key was taking control of my own health & fitness which Murray helped me do and I had not been doing in the past by simply looking for the quick fix. Murray continues to help me with deep tissue massage treatments as needed and will update my training program to continue my progression. I would recommend Murray to anyone who is looking to get out of the cycle of short term fixes & truly take control of your health.
— Kirk, Business Owner
Murray has been fantastic as both a trainer and RMT. He has extensive knowledge of muscle function & their associated roles in sports. He
has increased mobility & range of motion in my back & shoulders and has also come to my home to design a TRX program for golf specific strengthening exercises. Murray is also an athlete
himself & a gentleman, I highly recommend him!
— Graham, Avid Golfer
Murray is truly a gifted healer. He was able to eradicate my chronic overuse injuries that no one else had been able to address after several years of pain and compromised athletic performance. I have been treated by many health professionals and I’ve never experienced the degree of investment and dedication that Murray embodies in his work.
— Katie, Paddler & Kayak athlete


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About Murray

I'm a longtime Registered Massage Therapist/Personal Training Specialist with a passion for helping people achieve a healthy, pain- free and balanced life style. My professional philosophy is to keep things uncomplicated, effective and to have a bit of fun along the way.
I'm a lifelong cyclist and a believer in keeping as fit as possible to enjoy my outdoor passions for as long as possible. I've competed in numerous racing events at a highly competitive level including motocross, mountain bike and adventure racing. Being competitive at these types of activities requires a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition which I've been passionate about for all of my professional career and is a key part to living a healthy, balanced life.


Mission Statement

I specialize in helping rehabilitate people with injuries back to proper functional well being. I teach clients how to balance workouts, nutrition and rest to achieve their personal goals. This may include having the energy to enjoy an active lifestyle with their families or to be competitive in their favourite activity.

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