Murray Michalicka - RMT, PTS


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein

I'm a longtime Registered Massage Therapist & Personal Training Specialist with a passion for helping people achieve a healthy, pain free and balanced lifestyle. My professional philosophy is to keep things uncomplicated and effective while having a bit of fun along the way.

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me with my wonderful family or on the trails.

I'm a lifelong cyclist and a believer in keeping as fit as possible to enjoy my outdoor passions for as long as possible. I have competed in numerous racing events at a highly competitive level including motocross, mountain bike and adventure racing. Being competitive at these types of activities requires a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition which I have been passionate about for all of my professional career and is a key part to a healthy balanced life.

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